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When it comes to extravagance and luxury you can’t beat the Rich List Group. The list of celebrities starts from Lewis Hamilton popping in for a party after winning his 3rd world championship title or Fernando Alonso doing a Q and A. When it comes to artists The Rich List has had everyone from David Guetta, Tiesto, Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross, DMX, Sting, Jamaroquai, Craig David, 50 Cent, The Game, Trey Songz, Tyrese Gibson the list goes on.

The Rich List Group have worked with some of the world’s top brands like McLaren, Esquire, Dom Perignon, Crystal, Armand De Brignac, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Michael kors and more.

When the Rich List organises and operate their events no stone will be left unturned when it comes to luxury and convenience for their clients.

Can I Buy Xanax Uk, Buying Xanax In Australia

Want to find out more information on the Ultra Abu Dhabi?

Vietnam Race Weekend

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Monaco Race Weekend

Want to find out more information on the Monaco race weekend?

Yacht Charter Maldives

Want to find out more information on the Yacht Charter Maldives?

The Penthouse Marbella

Want to find out more information on The Penthouse Marbella?

Abu Dhabi Race Weekend

Want to find out more information on the Abu Dhabi race weekend?

Singapore Race Weekend

Want to find out more information on the Singapore race weekend?


For the last 5 years the Rich List Group has been accommodating guests in its luxury Marbella properties, growing from a single penthouse to now encompassing more than 30 rooms spread over 10 properties we can accommodate from the largest groups down to a small romantic break for two. Our properties are decorated to a high level as you would expect from the Rich List and constantly receive amazing reviews on booking sites. For a look at a sample of what we can offer please have a look through the videos and pictures below.

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The Rich List Group can provide our client’s with a wide range of services whether in the UK, Dubai or Marbella our selection and prices are second to none. As our stock is changing weekly please contact us on the number above, email us or alternatively fill in the contact form with details of your needs so we can provide you with our current prices and vehicles availability.

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Marbella is known as a glamorous resort town and is a favourite location with the rich and famous, boosted by foreign residents who are seduced by the lifestyle. But there's plenty for ordinary folk to see and enjoy too in southern Spain's answer to St Tropez.

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